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Teeth Whitening at Lasting Smiles

At Lasting Smiles Dental Care we offer multiple whitening options and each patient gets personalized whitening treatment. All our treatments are effective without damaging your teeth or gums.

Our Las Vegas cosmetic dentists provide the most reliable and cutting-edge teeth whitening procedures available. Take a look at our options below and give us a call if you’re ready for a free consultation.

Why whiten your teeth?

Teeth get stained, dull, and yellowed. This can be due to eating or drinking habits, but it also just happens over time. We use advanced whitening techniques to dissolve those stains and whiten your teeth so you are excited to show them off!

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Zoom Teeth Whitening

We are excited to offer Zoom teeth whitening at our Las Vegas office! Zoom whitening is a fast, effective teeth whitening solution that gives patients lasting results in only one visit.

When whitening your teeth with Zoom, our dentists use a combination of a hydrogen peroxide gel and UV light to quickly lighten your teeth. The procedure takes less than an hour, and most patients leave with teeth that are 6–10 shades whiter than they came with.

When you come in for your appointment, your dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth. After your teeth are prepped, they will turn on the Zoom UV light that will bleach your teeth and dissolve the stains on the surface of your teeth. Usually, we leave the light on for 15 minutes, let our patients take a short break, and turn the light on for two more 15-minute sessions.

The appointment is over in under an hour total and you will leave with a new, brighter smile! We send every patient home with custom bleach trays and Zoom gel so they can maintain their white smile for years to come.

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BriteSmile Teeth Whitening

BriteSmile is very similar to Zoom teeth whitening, but we use different light and gel. The BriteSmile gel is a hydrogen peroxide solution that is designed to react with the BriteSmile light to dissolve your tooth stains.

BriteSmile uses a blue light that is different than other whitening lights. It is not UV, heat, or laser-activated, but it reacts exclusively with the BriteSmile whitening gel. It is a very gentle light that shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or hot.

The treatment takes under an hour and our patients love their results. As with Zoom whitening, we send each patient home with custom trays so they can maintain their new white smile. We often use these one-hour whitening treatments to prepare a patient’s teeth before we perform cosmetic procedures, like applying veneers. Only BriteSmile Associated Dentists like Lasting Smiles can offer this whitening treatment, so give us a call if you would like a consultation.

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At-Home Teeth Whitening

We offer a take-home teeth whitening system for our patients who want to gradually whiten their teeth.

We start with a consultation where we talk to the patient about their lifestyle and goals, and together we decide on the best option. If we decide on gradual at-home whitening, then we will fit the patient with a custom tray that fits their teeth like a retainer or clear mouthguard. The trays only take a couple days to create, and the patient can soon start whitening their teeth with their custom bleach trays.

They are simple and easy to use. You just insert the gel into the trays and wear them for the allotted amount of time. After you’re done, you simply brush your teeth and rinse out your custom bleach trays.

Over-the-counter bleach strips and trays can be harsh and harm your gums and teeth. We recommend using our prescribed whitening agents. They are gentle and effective.

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Get White Teeth Today!

Bright white teeth can completely change the look of your smile! With our advanced whitening treatments you can get white teeth in just one or two visits. You can’t brush off those coffee stains, but with our in-office and at-home whitening treatments, you can finally get the white teeth you want.

Whether you want to brighten your teeth for a wedding or event, or you just want to get rid of some surface stains, we have the whitening solution for you. Come in for a free whitening consultation and we will help you find the whitening treatment that best fits your lifestyle and needs.