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What is a Digital X-Ray?

Initial Visit - Dentistry - Las Vegas - digital x-rayEverything is going digital, including dental x-rays. If you’ve never experienced a digital x-ray, you are in for a treat. As part of our goal to be the most up-to-date dentist in Las Vegas, we have partnered with Densply Inc. who has developed Computerized Dental Radiography (CDR). Thanks to their innovative technology, we can take a digital x-ray of your mouth with 90% less radiation. Now, Dr. Ghodsi and patients can be worry free when it comes to taking x-rays, and with less radiation it is no big deal to snap an additional photo or two if needed. By capturing a digital x-ray on a more regular basis, Dr. Ghodsi is able to spot potential problems while they are small, saving time, money, and most importantly, patient discomfort.

And There’s More – What a Digital X-Ray Can Do

Digital X-rays go where no x-ray has gone before. These high tech snapshots can be colorized, magnified, and computer enhanced to indicate specific details like bone density. Unlike traditional dental x-rays, a digital x-ray is instantaneous and that too can have many added benefits. For example, Dr. Ghodsi can pull snapshots during a dental implant procedure to make sure the patients’ nerves and sinuses are protected or that the implants are properly seated.

While you’d think every dentist in Las Vegas would be using this technology – it just simply isn’t true. Lasting Smiles is one of only a handful or offices offering digital x-rays to patients. We see the value in always staying on top of the latest technology and hope that our customers do too. Choose a dentist where you can always trust that we are using the latest technology to give patients smiles that are brighter, whiter, straighter, and 100% pain-free.  Here’s one review we received,

After a horrible experience I had with another dentist before, your service your care is like a breath of fresh air! I was only seen by your staff ones but I’m very impressed. I got my appointment reminders via e-mail and text message also I’m very happy so far. I hope the doctors will be just as wonderful-and pain free! I already recommended your office to my co-workers! – Anonymous

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