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State of the Art Practice

Staying abreast with the rapidly changing technologies allows us to provide the best care for our patients. Our use of the latest techniques and practices make our own Dr. Sharam Ghodsi and Dr. Steven Weinberg the dentists Las Vegas Nevada patients have consistently trusted. Our practice is distinguished among the average dentist Las Vegas NV has to offer by sharing a reputation for providing exceptional services and up-to-date expertise to each and every patient that we recieve.

When it comes to state-of-the-art facilities and techniques partnered with the most accomodating dentists Las Vegas NV have always chosen Lasting Smiles for their cosmetic dental needs. Our practice employs the latest technologies and houses the best dentists Las Vegas Nevada has to offer.

Digital X-ray

As part of our goal to be the most up-to-date dentist Las Vegas NV has, we are pleased to offer the latest X-ray technology. Densply Inc. has developed Computerized Dental Radiography (CDR) which allows us to take accurate computerized X-rays of your mouth with 90% less radiation! This allows us to take Safer, Better, Faster & Smarter X-rays to better diagnose and find potential problems before they develop into costly and painful dental emergencies.

With sophisticated software, the computer generated x-ray can reveal information not previously available from a conventional x-ray machine. X-rays taken can be colorized, magnified and computer-enhanced to indicate things such as bone density.

Although every patient can benefit from the 90% decrease in radiation exposure, the digital x-ray machine offers special benefits to the dental implant patients. With the “instant” development time of the computer and its ability to view an enlarged x-ray on a computer screen at the operatory, your doctor has the ability to make sure the patients’ nerves and sinuses are protected and the implants are properly seated by taking digital x-rays at various points during the procedure. Among the many dentists Las Vegas NV has, this technology is available to only a select few.

Added patient safety, more predictable treatment, much lower x-ray radiation, and immediate feedback clearly make the digital x-ray machine the x-ray technology of the future.

Intra-Oral Camera

The intra-oral camera allows you to see what the dentist sees. An intra-oral camera is essentially a small television camera fitted onto a pen-sized wand. By placing the device inside your mouth, Dr. Ghodsi can explore and record images 40 times larger than the actual size. With the help of You can now have a first hand tour of your mouth to better understand your dental concerns.

Dentistry is constantly changing. Every dentist Las Vegas Nevada has to offer has to keep up with the latest developments in order to provide better care. As new technologies become available to us, we strive to keep up-to-date with the latest advances in order to provide our patients with the most modern, highest quality dental care possible.

The Paperless Office

Our practice is a showcase and is among the top 1% most advanced high-tech paperless practices in the country and among every dentist Las Vegas Nevada has to offer. We are fully computerized and powered by the latest software in practice management to enhance efficiency in handling records, manage insurance claims and significantly improve patient diagnosis.

Having computers throughout the practice we are able to store all patient records, including X-rays, in digital formats. This information can easily be transferred to referring doctors, laboratories, or insurance carriers thus increasing our customer service. The insurance carriers can receive and process your claims faster.

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