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Smile Analysis

Cosmetic Smile Dentist Las Vegas

It all starts with what we call the Smile Analysis. We start by gathering some objective data about your mouth and smile – things like x-rays and measurements. Then we’ll gather subjective information to see what you think of your smile. We’ll ask questions like:

Are you self-confident about smiling?

Do you ever put your hand over your mouth when you smile?

Do you photograph better from one side of your face?

Is there someone you believe has a better smile than you?

Do you look at magazines and wish you had a smile as pretty as the models?

When you look at your smile in the mirror, do you see any defects in your teeth or gums?

In evaluating your smile analysis we consider many factors like tooth shade, distribution of color, defects and discoloration of the tooth structure, crowding, spacing, visible fillings or crowns, shape and size of teeth, and the amount of gum tissue shown when smiling. We encourage patient participation and ask questions like:

Do you wish your teeth were whiter?

Are you satisfied with the way your gums look?

Do you show too many or to few teeth when you smile?

Do you show too much or to little gum when you smile?

Are your teeth too long or too short?

Are your teeth too wide or too narrow?

Are your teeth too square or too round?

Do you like the way your teeth are shaped?

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