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Sleep Dentistry

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist? Does this fear affect your oral health? If you answered yes to both questions, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Lasting Smiles Dental Care, we make sure our patients receive quality dental care in the most comfortable and convenient ways possible.

A Breakthrough in Sleep Dentistry

One of the most helpful advancements in Sleep dentistry, sedation may change everything you’ve thought about dental treatments. Our Las Vegas Sleep dentistry may help you get the dental care you deserve. This safe and effective technique helps you feel completely relaxed throughout your treatment. Our practice offers a variety of sedation methods, including nitrous oxide inhalation, oral sedation, and sleep dentistry.

We make an effort to impart knowledge and discuss possible options with our patients. Our Las Vegas sedation dentist, Dr. Sharam Ghodsi, can help devise the appropriate treatment plan and sedation method that will fit your condition. With these, you may not have to worry about drills, painful needle shots, or gag reflex that may hinder you from getting quality dental care.

Lasting Smiles Dental Care’s sleep dentistry is also unlike any other. You may feel refreshed and have no recollection of what transpired throughout the procedure. Some patients even say they feel as if they were in a pleasant dream! Our procedure is also safe, as everyone in our office had proper training and certifications. Our dentist and staff members also monitor your vital signs and make sure nothing goes wrong during the entire procedure.

Our Las Vegas dental office also uses the latest equipment and technology in administering treatments. We strive for efficiently, diagnosing and treating any of your dental concern. Our friendly and polite personnel also ensure you have a comfortable and rewarding dental visit.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about sleep dentistry in Las Vegas. You may complete the form on this page if you wish to have a complementary consultation. You may also contact us at (702) 648-3427. One of our staff members will be more than happy to assist and answer any of your concerns.