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Lifetime Warranty

At Lasting Smiles Dental Care, “quality lasts a lifetime” is more than something we say – it’s actually a lifetime warranty promise to our patients.

We are confident about the quality of our work, and want you to be confident as well. That’s why we back up all our work with more than just a handshake. At Lasting Smiles you get a written warranty on all of our work. If you maintain your preventive care visits in our office at the recommended intervals, we will honor our lifetime guarantee!

Preventive care includes cleaning treatments, exams, digital x-rays, and topical fluoride treatments. If you maintain your dental care, and there is a problem with our work, we will fix it at no charge to you. We really do want to keep you smiling!

OUR Part of the Partnership:

warranty sealIf our restorations EVER need replacement, and the tooth is still salvageable…as long as Dr. Ghodsi maintains his private practice of dentistry… AND, you do your part (below), we will AT NO CHARGE:

Replace any crown or bridge with a new crown or bridge of the same type.

Replace any porcelain veneer with a new veneer.

Note: If a veneered or onlayed tooth is damaged or decayed to the extent that a crown is necessary, the full fee originally paid for the veneer or onlay will be applied toward the crown. You will pay only the difference. We cannot predict if and/or when gum or nerve treatments may be required. If needed, they would require additional fees.

Replace any defective filling with a new filling.

Note: If a tooth develops decay on a surface not covered by the original restoration, it is not covered under warranty and requires additional fees.

arranty does not apply to removable appliances.

YOUR Part of the Partnership:

Optimal treatment choice for a given tooth is performed. Sometimes, alternative, less predictable, treatment choice maybe available for a tooth that does not fulfill the guarantee requirements.

Complete, in our office, all recommended treatment in the quadrant (quarter of the mouth the tooth in question is in), all within a 3 month period. Gum infection and bacterial decay spread from tooth to tooth. Your path to optimal health requires a comprehensive approach to care.

Visit our office every six months for check-up and cleanings. Some patients with gum conditions maybe required to come for cleanings more often. The warranty will be voided 4 weeks following the recommended appointment. If the patient can not keep the appointment due to circumstances, our office must be notified in writing.

All financial agreements between you and Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry of Las Vegas must be honored and kept current.

In special circumstances such as grinding and severe medical ailments, adjunctive treatment may be necessary to fulfill guarantee requirements.

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