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Laser Dentistry Procedures in Las Vegas

Laser Dentistry for Comfortable Care

Laser dentistry is now becoming popular in Las Vegas. Las Vegas clinics are now offering various laser dentistry procedures which minimize pain and shorten recovery time.

Here at our practice, our Las Vegas dentistry professionals use laser in various services, such as cosmetic gum re-contouring and periodontal procedures. With laser dentistry, some procedures don’t usually require sutures and anesthesia. Our laser dentistry services also help minimize damage and bacterial infections in the area being treated and its surrounding tissues.

At Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry of Las Vegas, we use the state of the art Nd-YAG Laser which allows our dentistry specialists to perform gentle dental procedures. Conservative laser dentistry procedures are fast, easy, virtually painless, and offer a level of precision that simply isn’t available with other conventional dental instruments. The dental laser uses an invisible energy beam to perform soft tissue procedures more efficiently and comfortably for our patients. Laser dentistry offers little to no bleeding, swelling, infection or post-operative discomfort, and also eliminates the need for most sutures. We find laser dentistry to be very effective in increasing the quality of our dental care. The laser is used to perform various periodontal and cosmetic procedures.

Laser Dentistry Periodontal Procedures Las Vegas

Gum disease is caused by bacterial infection in the periodontal pockets. Periodontal pockets are present in people infected with periodontal disease, as the gum is detached from the teeth due to the disease. These pockets are very challenging to keep clean. The treatment for gum disease is root-planing where Las Vegas dentistry professionals remove the contaminated superficial part of the root by instrumentation and scaling. The Laser can effectively disinfect the inside of the periodontal pockets after a thorough root planing procedure. The laser generates a beam of concentrated light in short pulses to disinfect gingival (gum) tissue with great precision. The laser beam also sterilizes the affected area and seals off blood vessels minimizing chances of future infection. Inflamed gum tissue can now be easily removed, thus slowing the process of gum disease. This procedure is called Laser curettage. It is a quicker and better way than any of the traditional procedures.

Las Vegas Laser Dentistry Cosmetic Gum Recontouring

This treatment involves re-contouring and shaping the gum tissue that surrounds one or more teeth. It may be performed for functional or aesthetic reasons. Laser gum contouring is used to enhance the patient’s smile. For example, the procedure may be used to improve the appearance of “gummy” smile where teeth appear too short. The teeth may actually be the proper length, but too much gum tissue covers them. Also, in some cases, the gum line is uneven – which can make the teeth appear irregular. Laser dentistry professional Dr. Ghodsi can re-contour the gum tissue to create a more even and balanced look.

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