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Implant Crown

If you are missing one tooth, the dental implant replaces the root of your tooth.  You then need an abutment and a crown.

The abutment screws onto the implant and can be made of titanium or Zirconia.

  • Titanium abutments: $495
  • Zirconia abutment: $795
crown abutment implant

The crown is the portion that sits above the gumline. It can be made of all ceramic material for most aesthetic results or porcelain to metal for economics.

  • Ceramic crown: $1250
  • Metal to Porcelain: $900-1100

A complete solution to restore a missing tooth can range from $2000 to $2695. Please note separate fees for extraction, bone grafting, or sinus lift may be necessary. We offer a no charge consultation to give you more information.

Watch the following video about a single front tooth replacement.