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How To Choose a Dentist – Advice and Tips

Thanks to Obamacare, the patient pool for dentists has grown significantly. Both children and adults not previously insured are now covered, and seeking out dentists in droves. With all this hustle and bustle in the air – a guide on how to choose a dentist seemed useful and quite appropriate.

How To Choose a Dentist – What to Think About

Choosing the right dentist can be an overwhelming thought and many don’t know where to start. Here’s a helpful list of things to consider or do when seeking out a new dentist.

  1. Find a dentist that works with your insurance. The best way to do that is use the provider list handed out by your insurance company. Don’t have that? Call the dental office and ask if your insurance is taken. It is worth the time to be sure.
  2. Get recommendations from friends, colleagues, or online. Yelp or DemandForce can provide a wealth of information about a dentist. Some dentists are even taking to YouTube to offer testimonials from patients.
  3. Think about accessibility. Where is the office located? What will traffic be like when you expect you will be traveling to and fro? Does the dentist take phone calls? Are there weekend hours? How will the hours available work with family schedules?
  4. Research the dentist. Ask about or find their specific certifications. What organizations are they a member of and for how long have they been members? What was their schooling? A great dentist will be proud to share their memberships and accreditations with you.
  5. Patient comfort practices. What sort of sedation options are available with the dentist? Do they offer sleep dentistry, oral sedation, or IV sedation? Familiarize yourself with what sedation techniques have worked well for you in the past and be sure your new dentist offers your preferred method of sedation in case you need it.
  6. Fees, payment plans, and warranties. Know what payment options are available. Many dentists offer monthly payment plans and even financing options for big ticket items like implants. Some dentists will also guarantee their work with a warranty. Be sure to read the fine print to know all the qualifications.

Today, a lot of these answers can be found with a little digging around online. Sites like Yelp, DemandForce, and even Facebook can offer recommendations and great feedback from current and past patients. Then, perusing the dentist in question’s website should provide more reliable information about their training, certifications, location, and more. Once you feel confident you have the information you need – schedule a consultation. After, evaluate your feelings about the dentist. What did you like or not like? How will your likes and not likes affect your long-term dental health?

How do you choose a dentist? What is the most important factor for you? We’d love to hear your opinion on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.