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Full, Partial, and Fixed Dentures in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist specializing in Dentures

Are you looking for a set of full mouth, partial, or fixed dentures?
At the Las Vegas dental office of Dr. Ghodsi, we provide beautiful full, partial or fixed dentures to help our patients feel great and smile with confidence. Dentures are a popular and effective dental treatment that helps patients with missing teeth get a full and functioning smile. Getting dentures is a non-invasive process, with final results being customized to your ultimate smile goals.

Receiving proper dental care is a rising concern for many families all over Las Vegas. For people who suffer from badly decaying teeth, the only way for them to cosmetically restore their smile is through dentures. Lasting Smiles is a trusted name for providing expert services in Las Vegas for dentures patients can depend on.

There are various reasons as to why a person may lose their teeth. Things like periodontal diseases, tooth decay, injury, or even old age may result in teeth loss, which would eventually require dentures. Lasting Smiles Dental Practice is experienced in providing dentures Las Vegas residents can count on for their partial or full dentures.

For your dentures, expert dentist, Dr. Ghodsi, will perform a comprehensive oral analysis to ensure that all dental issues are taken care of. They will then work on making you custom fitted dentures. Since not all dentures are the same, the procedure will require several trips to the dentist’s office to make sure that your dentures will fit your mouth comfortably.

We here at Lasting Smiles understand the rewards that come with a great smile, so we work to create dentures that help promote good dental health as well. Aside from restoring your jaw’s functions back to normal, actions like chewing and talking will greatly develop with the help of dentures. Las Vegas citizens can feel confident in the notion that the dental care they receive from Lasting Smiles is among the best in the city.

Just like real teeth, dentures require proper maintenance for them to last longer. Brushing and cleaning are recommended activities for you to conserve your dentures. We will teach you other ways to care for your dentures appropriately. In order to provide you with quality service, we welcome any questions you might have regarding full or partial dentures. Trust Lasting Smiles to give you a smile you can be proud of.