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Choosing a Toothbrush – You May Have it All Wrong

Manual or electric? Soft or hard bristles? There are a lot of questions when it comes to choosing a toothbrush and today we’ll bust into the truth as to what is the best for your teeth and gums. The American Dental Association offers some great information in regards to what makes an “approved” toothbrush.

ADA Guidelines for an Approved Toothbrush

Look for the ADA symbol when choosing a toothbrush

Always look for this symbol first when choosing a toothbrush.

In order to qualify for the ADA’s Seal of acceptance, toothbrushes are judged on several factors.

  • All of the toothbrush parts and pieces are safe for use in the mouth
  • Bristles are free of sharp or jagged edges and ends
  • Under normal use the handle must be durable according to manufacture tests
  • Under normal use the bristles will not fall out
  • Without supervision, the average adult can use the toothbrush and it provides a significant decrease in mild gum disease and plaque

When choosing a toothbrush – the first thing to look for is the ADA Seal of Approval. Then, consider the traits that are important to you in a toothbrush.

Choosing a Toothbrush for You

choosing a toothbrushSize

A toothbrush head that is a half-inch wide and one-inch tall will be the easiest to use and the most effective for average adults. The handle should feel comfortable and sturdy in your hand. A bigger toothbrush head isn’t always better. Sometimes bigger heads can be difficult to maneuver inside molars, cracks, and between teeth.

Bristle Type – Soft, Medium, or Hard Bristles

Many people think that harder bristles will do a better job cleaning – but that is all wrong. In fact, most people should be using a soft bristles. Hard bristles can actually damage gums, root surface, and teeth enamel. If after trying a soft bristle brush you feel that you could get a deeper clean with a tougher brush – try a medium bristle brush. Be sure to ask your dentist the next time you visit about the health of your gums and divulge what type of bristles you’ve been using – it could be enlightening. Always heed the advice of your dentist when it comes to choosing a toothbrush – they are the expert after all.

Electric vs. Standard

There are a gajillion (at least it seems that way) studies trying to say that electric toothbrushes are better than non-electric. And then the other way around. What it really comes down to is preference. What do you like? Some kids find electric toothbrushes fun – thus making it easier to get them to use them. Either way, it is a pure matter of preference.

Choosing a toothbrush is just the first step in achieving the best smile you can have. The next step? Finding the perfect dentist. Dr. Ghodsi at Lasting Smiles would love the chance to work with you on all of your dental goals – be it whiter, cleaner, or healthier teeth – our offices handle it all with the latest in dental technology.