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Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Dental Crowns Las Vegas

At Lasting Smiles dental care we would recommend ceramic crowns for:

  • making a cosmetic modification
  • covering a dental implant
  • covering a severely discolored teeth
  • holding a dental bridge in place
  • restoring an already broken tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn down
  • protecting a weak tooth from breaking

What Types of Ceramic Crowns Are popular?

Permanent Ceramic crowns can be made from all metal (such as gold or another alloy), stainless steel , all-resin, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or ceramic.

How Long Do Ceramic Crowns Last?

Ceramic crowns last between five and 15 years. The life span of a Ceramic crown depends on the amount of usage the Ceramic crown is exposed to, good oral hygiene practices, and your personal habits such as clenching your teeth or biting your fingernails.


Sealants are very effective in preventing decay on the surfaces of your teeth, sealants are a simple dental procedure in which a tooth-colored acrylic is painted onto the surface of the tooth. This seals the deep cavities where decay is most likely to begin.

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