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Cavities Without Drilling

No Drill Dentist Las Vegas


Lasting Smiles uses the latest equipment and techniques that allow us to repair the majority of cavities without using an invasive drill. This process is called air abrasion. Air abrasion is a method of removing decay from a tooth without using a drill. It works similar to a sandblaster removing paint and other substances on walls. The air abrasion unit blows a very powerful stream of air consisting of small aluminum oxide particles out of its tip onto the tooth. These particles bounce off the tooth and blast the decay away. This stream knocks off decay without the screeching noise or vibrations of the drill. In most dental cases this can be easily performed without anesthetic.

Air abrasion is the latest technology in easy cavity removal. It is mostly used to prepare teeth for composites, or “white fillings.” Air abrasion can also repair cracks and discolored teeth, prepare teeth for bonding, such as sealants, and for many other dental procedures. Air abrasion will repair chipped, fractured, or worn down teeth, prepare teeth for cosmetic surgery, stain removal, fix old fillings and sealants, and repair or restore broken bridges and crown.

Here are some of the main advantages associated with air abrasion:

  • More of the natural tooth is left untouched.
  • Teeth are left dry, which is advantageous for filling placement.
  • Reduced risk of further damage to the teeth (chipping and fractures).
  • No need for anesthesia in most cases.
  • No vibrations, horrible noises or excessive pressure.
  • Quicker, easier procedures.

Dr. Ghodsi, who is one of the few trained Las Vegas dentist in air abrasion, will perform any procedures that would benefit from air-abrasion technology. Ask if this technique is right for you. Consultations are always free of charge and focused on your personal dental health and goals.

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