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The Hows of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers, which are also called laminates, are wafer thin shells which are cemented on the front surfaces of your teeth to hide any dental imperfections. If you ask your dentist, veneers not only improve…
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Teeth Whitening Basics

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening is the most popular. This procedure involves the removal of stains and other sources of dental discoloration. However, there isn’t just one teeth whitening procedure that can…
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How Do You Rate Your Smile?

A smile is more than just an upward curvature of your lips. The state of your smile can give your self-esteem a ginormous boost or it could totally dampen your everyday mood. If your genes…
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Analyzing Your Smile

If medicine has plastic surgery, then dentists have what is known as a smile makeover. These days, you don’t have to curse your genes anymore. You can have the smile which you always wanted with…
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