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Forget Drilling! Air Abrasion is the Latest Dental Technology

air abrasion for patients of Las Vegas dentistsWhen people think of the dentist, inevitably they’ll imagine the dreaded sound of the drill. The high pitched whine can be heard in every corner of the office, searing itself into the minds of patients young and old. For many people who suffer from dentophobia, the sound or even the memory of  the vibrations caused by the high-speed drill grinding away at teeth can cause anxiety and fear. At Lasting Smiles we understand how uncomfortable the traditional drill can be which is why we use the latest in dental technology, including air abrasion.

Las Vegas Dentists and Air Abrasion Technology

Air abrasion dentistry is the ideal option for children and those fearful of drills who have minimal tooth decay. Air abrasion uses compressed air that is forced through a small hole in a handpiece and works much like a sandblaster. The powerful stream of air is mixed with aluminum oxide particles which is blasted onto the surface and scrubs away tooth decay. This method eliminates the screeching, vibrations and heat generated from traditional drills and reduces the need for anesthesia. With air abrasion, less of the healthy tooth tissue is removed and the risk of fracturing or chipping is reduced, which can shorten the life of a filling. Dr. Ghodsi is one of the few Las Vegas dentists that offer this alternative service.

Las Vegas Dentist uses the latest in dental technology

In addition to air abrasion dentistry, Dr. Ghodsi uses the latest in dental technology and practices in order to provide the very best care for his patients. Laser dentistry for quicker recovery time with certain procedures, Digital X-Rays that produce 90% less radiation, intra oral cameras that allow you to see what the dentists sees, and a paperless office are a few of the things that we employ which sets us apart from other Las Vegas dentists.

Do you have questions about air abrasion or any of our other state of the art practices? Feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to schedule a free consultation to let you know what we can do for you.