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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Lumineers

lumineers las vegasThere are many reasons why one might choose to have veneers placed on their teeth. They are typically used to cover chips, gaps, discoloration, and/or to straighten teeth in order to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. Traditional porcelain veneers are made from medical grade ceramic which are attached to the surface of teeth and offer an immediate and long-term transformation, as opposed to braces or whitening. While they are a very popular and effective option for cosmetic dentistry, traditional veneers are generally .5 millimeters thick which requires the teeth to shaved down in order to properly fit the veneer – an irreversible procedure. That is why many of our patients opt for the ultra-thin Lumineers brand of veneers.

5 Reasons to Choose Lumineers Las Vegas

Dr. Ghodsi and the staff at Lasting Smiles have years of experience fitting and placing Lumineers, providing patients with a quick and lasting improvement to the appearance of their smile. Here are the top five reasons why our patients have fallen in love with and chosen Lumineers over traditional veneers.

  1. Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers – Lumineers are made from an ultra thin, yet extremely durable porcelain. This makes them very translucent and allows them to replicate the appearance of enamel while providing a beautiful natural smile.
  2. No tooth preparation or trimming – Because Lumineers Las Vegas are so thin they often require no preparation or shaving of the tooth, creating a quicker turn around with less visits.
  3. No need for shots – The trimming of the tooth required for traditional veneers often requires the area around the tooth to be numb. Lumineers usually require no grinding and can be fitted and placed without the need for shots, offering a completely pain-free experience.
  4. Reversible – Since the original surface of the tooth is left in tact, If for any reason a patient is unsatisfied with their Lumineers, the procedure is completely reversible. This offers peace of mind that traditional veneers do not.
  5. For some patients, Lumineers can reshape teeth without the need for braces – For many patients, the idea of unsightly and sometimes painful braces keep them from having their teeth straightened. If the problem is not severe, Lumineers can reshape the surface of your smile in a fraction of the time. Imagine having the beautiful smile you always dreamed of in a matter of hours as opposed to months!

Dr. Ghodsi Offers Lumineers Las Vegas

While most people can benefit from Lumineers Las Vegas, Lumineers still may not be right for everyone. Fortunately, with the latest in dental technology, Lasting Smiles and Dr. Ghodsi has options for everyone, regardless of their needs. Do you have questions about Lumineers or would like to find out what options are right for you? Feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to schedule a free consultation to let you know what we can do for you.